Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Six months and change

I cannot believe how big I am.

Man, this really is a lot harder. I'm definitely a few weeks ahead of my size from last time. I feel much more encumbered, full, tight as a drum most days. When I'm not getting kicked in the kidneys I'm getting pressure on my pelvis. Basically, I feel like saying "bleah" all the time. I eat Tums all day long and am out of breath any time I'm on my feet.

It's hard to keep my expectations down for my ability to play with Theo but he has adapted pretty well, allowing me to lag behind while he runs ahead, allowing me only short bursts of messing around on the floor before I need to seek out a soft chair, allowing me to move him aside when he sits too squarely in my lap. He talks to the baby, gives the belly kisses, and is generally already being an awesome big brother.

Everything going well...

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