Sunday, May 29, 2011

Ups, downs, all-arounds.

Theo sleeps through the night, every night. Unless we're away from home, but then who can blame him. Strange place, odd day.

Theo had some serious trouble falling asleep a couple of weeks back due to a molar coming in. Molar seems done, so he's much better. Better, meaning that he doesn't cry himself to sleep, just tosses and turns. Still, it takes a good half-hour average (up to an hour some nights) for him to fall asleep while I wait in the darkened room with him. It can be tough and often leads to me napping on the chair. It doesn't sound so bad, but when you're looking forward to relaxing after a long day and you realize it's already 9:30 pm, it can be a bit of a bummer.

Still, the main points are: Theo sleeps through the night, nearly every night, and he goes to sleep quietly. It's wonderful. Sometimes it can take a journey through a bad teething period to make you appreciate how good you have it otherwise.

I'm enjoying this for as long as it lasts.