Thursday, October 28, 2010


Hope everyone has a very happy Halloween.

I decided to go for the Halloween Mom badge and make Theo's costume. As usual, I didn't sew a stitch, just used hot glue and felt.



I can't help but include this one:


Rest assured, he did have a good time at the pumpkin patch.



Check out the latest videos here.

For Halloween itself, we'll hang out at home, carve some pumpkins, and give out candy.

There is, of course, lots of news that I haven't had a second to pass on. Theo is working on standing and walking. He can take a few steps by himself and just today he actually changed direction. It makes him very excited when he does well at it. He's also at the babbling stage, but no words yet. When he sees something he likes, he blows gurgley raspberries, and makes high-pitched squeals.

Happy Halloween, everyone!