Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Everything I've read says that around this time my belly may not look like much and they've been right. I gained about an inch a month ago and it hadn't changed since. There are small variations that depend on how much food I ate or whether I went to the bathroom recently.

This week things seem to have changed. I think I've been bigger this week than I was last. Now that it seems to be on, I keep meaning to start taking a photo of my belly but I keep forgetting to do so before I eat. It could all be in my head. I was never one to know exactly how big my waist was at any given time, and now I stare at it a lot, imagining the construction of a placenta.

Anyway, must take a photo tonight (I already ate breakfast).

I've debated whether to take the pic with clothes covering the belly or not. I think it's cooler to see the belly. Perhaps after I see a pic of my revealed pudge I may feel differently.


  1. Gotta go with no clothes on the belly. It seems weird at first (and a little too personal), but it tells the story better. You can always take one pic with clothes and one without and decide what's best for public consumption later on.

    Have I mentioned how excited I am? I am VERY excited about little "Smellito" :-)

  2. Definitely show the belly. Maybe wear a bikini top, something similar.. and have Greg IN the picture.
    That way you can see if BOTH of you gain along the way, and imo Dad's get left out of many pics.
    But thats just my two cents.

  3. Definitely go bare-belly for the photos!

  4. Margaret aka ~MS~July 22, 2009 at 10:25 AM

    Jen, take one of each then you can post the one you're most comfortable with. I have a dear friend that just gave birth to her second last week and she did that with both pregnancies. It was fun to compare the two photos along the way.

  5. Just a weird factoid... did you know the uterius expands 500 times it's normal size during pregnancy? Crazy! :)

  6. Show the belly, in a few months you won't be able to cover it anyway!



  7. I totally noticed that my waist disappeared long before Joshua or anyone else. I do stare obsessively at my belly, though, and feel like I constantly have to pat and rub it. I was going to take naked belly pics... but I got unsightly stretchmarks so early on (before I'd even gained a single pound!) that my vanity got in the way. I send you big smiles and more hopes that our babies will be playing together happily this time next year.

  8. If you take one every day in the same place you could make a movie out of it....