Thursday, April 3, 2014

It's (going to be) a GIRL

Headline says most of it - it's a girl. :)

The results came back from the DNA test and it's all good. No Down's or other chromosome problems, completely clean. And we now definitively know the sex. Time to clear out all the boy hand-me-downs.

I also had the nuchal translucency test, where they use a high def ultrasound to measure various things and take a good close look. Baby looks fantastic in every way.

We told Theo that it's a girl and his response was "that's just what I wanted!" He loves saying that so he may very well have said that to any news. He does love little girls though - many of his friends are girls. We showed him the ultrasound shots and he seems very excited about the whole thing.

We're very excited ourselves at the prospect of the whole new adventure a girl entails.

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  1. :-) Wonderful news and it's so exciting that Theo is excited about a sister! I love reading your blogs, thanks for sharing!