Monday, August 5, 2013


During dinner the other night, Theo suddenly told this story.

Maybe when people leave a house, the house could dream about flying. It could fly all day, and when it was nighttime, the house could come back down where the empty space was, and when all the people come back the house could talk to them, if the house had a mouth and it could talk to them and tell them about his flying ADVENTURE!

Later, Theo added a bit: While the people were gone on their long walk, the car could also fly away, and come back later and also have a mouth, and tell the people about his flying ADVENTURE!

Theo's imagination has taken a few leaps lately.

Today I helped him illustrate his story. He chose images from basic internet searches and I performed a little photoshop magic at his direction. The result is pretty crazy. These are entirely his own choices. Yes, the Honda has candy in its mouth. Yes, all the people needed to fly too.

I've asked Theo to think about what the ADVENTURES might be. Maybe one day that'll percolate back up. I would never call him the most creative kid, so any chance to indulge is welcome, and the more odd the result, the better.

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