Thursday, May 20, 2010


Told me it'd be hard
the nights long and the days full
talking to a mute
wishing for a shower
when not bored, stressed
when not feeding, asleep

Is he hungry?
Diaper need changing?
You think he's sensitive to wet
But really he's just bored
been sitting in the kitchen too long

He's so serene
in front of the TV
but never laughs
turn off the screen

Kiss his belly, he lights up
as if you pushed a button
Sing a song, he sings along
soft, throaty accompaniment
Show him his favorite burp cloth
throws back his head and chuckles
Take him out into the sun
that's when he really shines

Yeah, not sleeping through the night.
Yup, going out is always iffy.
There was that one week
where every time he filled a diaper
his outfit needed changing too.
Uh-huh, spent a party with
spit up on my pants
and probably in my hair
and I didn't notice.

But it's easy.
It's easy to start the day at 5 am
kiss his forehead
hold him close to me
bundle ourselves against the morning chill
reading Dr Seuss by the early light

It's easy to spend all morning preparing
to go out that afternoon
diaper bag armed to the teeth
feeding and changing marks hit on time
the countdown starts to come naturally

It's easy to let him scream when he tries to nap
his whimpers are the saddest sound on earth
soon enough he's dreaming
such a tiny person on the monitor
breathing softly, all curled up

Easy to nap when it's time to nap
Easy to get things done whenever I can
Only time to wash one pan and a bowl
Well hey, I got that much done

Hard? Of course it's hard
It's hard until you remember why
Then the choices are clear and simple
and the rest is easy

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